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A specter is haunting the White World: The specter of the reemergence of racial consciousness.
We are this specter.
The White World is standing at the abyss and only very few representatives of the Homo Europaeus will have the opportunity to be born in a racially homogenous White society in 200 years.
Our progeny will be among those fortunate ones. We are the last of yesterday and the first of tomorrow.
The ultimate goal of the project “Nova Europa” is the establishment of a home for Whites on this planet.
The long-term survival of our Race will be guaranteed by the fact that the constitution of this future ethnostate will not only ensure the protection of the Race as a real entity but also make it the supreme national interest.
We strive for the foundation and consolidation of a White Ethnostate through peaceful means. The symbol of our movement is reminiscent of an ECG and symbolizes the pulse and thus the Being of the White Race.
Should our movement achieve its goal, this heartbeat will be heard on the blue planet – and who knows on which other ones! – even in the distant future!
As for the colors red, white and blue: Since the movement was still in a nascent state, the overwhelming majority of the first future pioneers chose them.
These colors are the colors of many European nations, whose adventurous sons and dutiful daughters are and will be part of our movement.

Johannes Scharf – 17. Mai 2018
Nova Europa Society e.V.
IBAN: DE40 2595 0130 0056 2798 56
N.E.S Gruppe
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